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2018 Community Favorites: The 180 Extra
December 17, 2018

It’s hard to believe we’re wrapping up the first year of Leader in Me Weekly! Join us as we share our favorites with you.

Articles and Videos Referenced in the Video:

Leader in Me Weekly Team Picks 2018:

Jen: Connecting the Dots: Creating Authentic AHA! Moment Routines

“There’s no more powerful learning tool than pushing the pause button to think about what I’ve done, the results I’ve gotten, and what I’d do differently to get even better results next time. This is the power of reflection!”

Sarah Ann: Is it Really a WIG? Succeeding with Discipline 1

“My pick is actually the entire 4 Disciplines series we featured in the month of October. Goal setting is no easy task–for adults or students. This series really breaks things down. I’m especially into the Goal Shopping Lists included with the article “Is it Really a WIG? Succeeding with Discipline 1” and the peanut butter-jelly talk that happens in “Creating the Huddle-Up: Discipline 4.”

Lauren and Shelly: Power Words and Living Lockers

“I love the practical examples of how to move students away from a “rental” mentality to an “ownership” mentality when it comes to their school. They can walk down the halls and know that they belong here, and so does everyone else!”

“I love this video because the teachers share freely how they improved on the original idea over a few iterations. It’s okay to try something out, step back, get feedback, make some tweaks, and try it again. They’re open and willing to learn and we can watch them go from controlling the whole thing to releasing to students. It’s empowering! And it’s real.”

Ryan: Keeping the 7 Habits Real

“I have always tried to do a good job realizing that well done is better than well said. I have removed the words ‘I’ll try’ from my vocabulary and say, instead, ‘I will’ or ‘I won’t’ using my free will to decide and plan based on the priorities I’ve set. If ‘I won’t’ then communication around why I won’t is the next step because I believe in the power of win-win thinking. Finding ways to keep the 7 Habits real in our lives helps us remember to live them each day.”

Sarah: Teach Leadership: Transition Person

“Who doesn’t love puppets? And I love how practical and relatable the episodes are for all ages!”

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