Our Commitment to You—A Message From Sean Covey
March 17, 2020

Dear Leader in Me Community,

These are turbulent times! And as schools close and COVID-19 continues to spread around the globe, we want you to know that we are committed to helping you in every way we can. Leadership, resilience, trust, and synergy—the very essence of Leader in Me—are more needed today than ever before. 


Here are four ways in which we plan to support you.

1. Live-Online Coaching and Training

Effective immediately, all FranklinCovey coaches and consultants are equipped to deliver all scheduled live training or coaching virtually. We can help you continue on your Leader in Me journey even in the midst of this whirlwind. Like our live, onsite training, our Live-Online training and coaching is engaging and compelling. This is a time that calls for 3rd Alternatives and I encourage you to work with your coach, consultant, education quality partner, and/or client partner to explore what that might look like in your school or district.

2. New Leader in Me Weekly Resources

Leader in Me Weekly is actively working to help schools handle campus closures. Each week, starting today, Leader in Me Weekly will include important resources that can help you work through school closure-related issues. This week we will focus on teachers making the shift to a virtual classroom.

And, as a first step, we want to ensure that you are connected to our existing online resources:

      • If you are already connected to and able to log in to Leader in Me Online (leaderinme.com) then you’re all set. Consider asking others within your Circle of Influence if they are connected.
      • If you or other staff members are not able to log in to Leader in Me Online (leaderinme.com), you can request a registration code from your school administrator or simply email [email protected].

3. On-Demand Professional Learning Resources

On our Leader in Me Online home page, the left-side menu will feature a new section called Professional Learning. Here, we will connect you to several resources that may be useful at this time. These include world class on-demand training courses and modules that can be completed at your own pace. The courses will include The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Principal’s Academy: The 4 Roles of Great Leaders, and other relevant titles curated from our award-winning content library.

4. Leader in Me Family Learning… Coming Soon

We have content based on timeless, universal principles that can help families face this unprecedented challenge, and we want to make sure it is readily available to all families. So, from now until the end of the academic year, we will be curating a special collection of family resources and making it available without a Leader in Me membership. The collection will include Leader in Me Weekly resources, blog posts, corporate offerings, and videos. We will also be creating new content to address the areas of greatest need. Watch the Leader in Me Online announcement section for more information in the coming days. 


The Leader in Me community is a network of 5,000 high-performing schools throughout the world dedicated to unleashing human potential. I hope and trust that through these difficult times we will share our best practices with each other and support each other in our common cause of developing leaders, one student at a time. We have been inspired by your remarkable adaptability and resilience and are committed to doing whatever we can to assist you.    


If we can help, please do not hesitate to reach out.  


Thanks for continuing this leadership journey with us!

Sean Covey

President, FranklinCovey Education

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