Leader in Me and MTSS: Tier 1
February 10, 2020

Schools throughout the Leader in Me community are talking about MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support). Like Leader in Me, MTSS is a framework that helps us:

  • SEE. Shift thinking from an exclusive focus on academics to a comprehensive effort to support the whole child. 
  • DO. Proactively address the needs of every student. 
  • GET. Use data and measurable results to drive decision making. 

Think of MTSS as a problem-solving model that calls upon us, as educators, to deliver a range of evidence-based practices in instruction for students in need of varying levels of support. And then let’s layer on the idea that the Leader in Me can serve as a choice board for those practices. This is what we’re envisioning:  

In this three-week series, we’ll work our way through each tier, considering how to leverage Leader in Me content and practices to best serve the needs of all students.

Let’s start with Tier 1, universal support. We’re thinking about the high quality instruction we commit to providing to all students. Those commitments might include efforts to explicitly teach expectations, time on the master schedule for class meetings, efforts to maximize student learning through the Empowered-Learning Approach, and weekly WIG Sessions. Check out our sample Tier 1 Choice Board: 

Are there other Leader in Me practices you would add as universal support? What are the top two to three that your school is prioritizing?

Join us next week as we move to Tier 2, targeted support. 


Classroom Resources: 


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