Going Digital With Leadership Notebooks
September 16, 2019

Craving a fresh new take on Leadership Notebooks? Have you considered going digital? While not for everyone, many schools report increased student ownership and accessibility for families after they make the switch to digital.

Get started by adding our ready-made site and Digital Leadership Notebook templates to your own files! 

Google Sites Template. In order to use this template, you must make your own copy of the site. To do this, click on the link, then click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right hand corner. Click the second option down (“Duplicate Site”), choose where you want to save it, and click “Duplicate.”

K-2 Digital Leadership Notebook Template

3-5 Digital Leadership Notebook Template

Middle School Digital Leadership Notebook Template

Ready to share your favorite template with students? 

  • Make it your own. Don’t hesitate to modify the templates. They are merely a starting point. Align what we’ve created with your unique priorities.
  • Start small. Invite a few students to become experts with the template. This small team of student leaders can mobilize the rest of the class with exemplars and Teach to Learn opportunities.  
  • Hand it over. Increase student ownership by encouraging personalization. Ask students how they’d like to modify the template. Work together to establish daily or weekly routines for using the digital notebooks to reflect on growth–as learners and leaders! 


Classroom Resources

Digital Leadership Notebook Guide which includes the following templates: 

Use this Leadership Notebook handout to think about how students could get the most out of their Leadership Notebooks.

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