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Flexible Seating; Flexible Learning
April 22, 2019

How can a wobbly stool wiggle students (and teachers) to deeper levels of classroom learning and leadership? Have a look.

Finding Funds for Flexible Seating

“I had the idea for flexible seating and learning for a few years. One of my roadblocks was money. I wondered, ‘How am I going to get a variety of seats?’ You’ll notice that some of the seats were donated and others were found items from nature. Still, there weren’t enough seats for every child. I talked with my class and asked for their help. It was one of my students who actually suggested, ‘Let’s ask Parent Teacher Council if they’re willing to help us out.’

“So we did. We put a plan in place. We had three teams in my class. One team was responsible for taking photos of how we were already using the flexible seating in our class. Another team was responsible for taking videos of how these seats benefit us. The final team was responsible for researching new seating options for future use.

“We compiled the work of the three teams into a video and six students presented it at the Parent Teacher Council meeting. It was all on them. The students came on their own time, outside of the school day at 7:00 on a Tuesday night. They went for it and I didn’t say anything. I sat in the audience and gave them some encouraging smiles. And when the students asked for help with funding, the Parent Teacher Council agreed to support us. We are very fortunate to have such a lovely Parent Teacher Council here–they actually agreed to fund all of the classrooms in our school with each teacher’s choice of flexible seating for their classroom. Now, we’ve got a lot more options!”

–Deandra Jones

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