Extending Leadership Roles
May 25, 2020

Leadership roles don’t just take place in the classroom! Let’s extend this leadership practice to the home and the virtual classroom.  

Leadership Roles at Home

We can help our families experience the difference between “making my children do chores” and “empowering my children to contribute to the family.” While both approaches get the job done, the first is focused on task completion, while the second is focused on learning and practicing leadership and responsibility. The video Green and Clean is a good example of this principle.

How can we support caregivers in making this shift? First, encourage them to ask their child: What family leadership role are you interested in? What leadership qualities do you have that will help you fill that role? Then, suggest that families work together to discuss, write, and sign a Win-Win Agreement detailing the leadership role behaviors and expectations. Finally, after the child has completed the role for several days, encourage families to discuss how it’s going, make adjustments, express appreciation, and celebrate success! 

Jeremy Brasher, Principal at Shaffer Elementary School, shared with us how they are helping students step into leadership roles at home, and inspired our Leadership Roles at Home resource. Extend this to a classroom learning experience by inviting students to capture their family leadership roles and reflect in their paper or digital Leadership Notebooks. 

Virtual Classroom Leadership Roles

Ask yourself, What am I doing that students can do for themselves and others? Effective leadership roles at every age level release responsibility to the learner, freeing teachers up for higher priority tasks like more one-on-one time with students, planning and preparation, or even lunch! 

The best practices for leadership roles are the same whether learning in school or virtually. To get them going in your virtual classroom, start by checking out these ideas for Virtual Classroom Leadership Roles. Then, invite students to discuss what their team uniquely needs to achieve success. Use the Leadership Role Application for maximum student voice and choice. 

The “practice leadership” rather than “get it done” Paradigm Shift can give parents, students, and you more space to feel empowered and motivated. Let’s extend these valuable leadership opportunities to students today!



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