Empowering Virtual Service Learning
March 30, 2020

Service learning is a really effective way to help students find—and share—their voice. How can we create remote learning tasks that move learners beyond the screen into action and contribution? Let’s connect the end in mind of student learning with the needs of the community—through virtual service learning!

Service learning improves students’ critical thinking skills and deepens their social-emotional learning. When learning tasks are connected to community needs, students learn empathy and make a contribution. For example, if students are practicing writing skills, they can create physical or virtual cards for the elderly who are quarantined or unable to leave their residence. If they are learning about solar energy, they can engage in a study of and reduction in their family’s use of energy at home. 

Local groups might already be providing the services you’re considering. Explore how your class can Synergize with other community leaders to make an even greater impact. As students begin, create a regular cadence for student reflection. Engage virtually as a whole class, in small groups, and/or one-on-one to discuss the impact they are seeing and feeling from their efforts.  

This week we invite you to check out the student learning resources that link The 8th Habit: Find Your Voice and Inspire Others to Find Theirs to service learning. This is a fitting time to remind our students, families, and ourselves that we have a powerful voice and we can make a tremendous impact. 


Download our interactive PDFs (elementary school; middle and high school) about The 8th Habit: Find Your Voice and Inspire Others to Find Theirs.

Use these lesson starters and links to resources for students, families, and teachers: Empowering Virtual Service Learning: The 8th Habit (also available as a Google Sheet)

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