3 Benefits of a Class Website
December 9, 2019

There are countless benefits to creating and maintaining a class website. Here, we’ve rounded up our top three. 

3 Benefits of Classroom Websites:  

    1. Keep families in the loop. Family members are our greatest partners. Access to information via a class website helps parents to better engage with their child about what’s happening at school. 
    2. Share additional resources with students and parents. A dedicated digital space allows us to share relevant content quickly and easily, such as videos, documents, and helpful links. A curated collection of resources can go a long way in empowering those who are looking to learn more.
    3. Reflect on the strength of classroom systems. Writing about how a classroom functions helps us to assess what is working well and what we might want to approach differently in the future.  

So, have you taken the plunge and already created a class website? If you’re a “yes,” what benefits are you seeing? If you’re a “not yet,” consider using our classroom website template to get started today (see instructions below)! 


Classroom Resources: 

    • In order to use this template, you must make your own copy of the site, here are the steps to make a copy: 
    • First, click on this link Classroom Website Template, then click on the three vertical dots in the upper right hand corner. Click the third option down (“Organize”), this will place the site in your personal Google Drive:
      image.png 436.92 KB
    Find the file in your Google Drive and click on it to highlight it, then right click or click the 3 dot menu to reveal the “Make a Copy” option:
    • image.png 209.06 KB
    • Once you have made a copy double click the copy to open and begin editing your site:
      image.png 331.55 KB
    • Not quite ready to build a website? Try using these social media challenges in the tweets, texts, and posts you share with families.


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